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I hate pornography. 2 years ago
I started with stuff like this and now I am addicted to this crap. It's always something that I am thinking about watching this and masturbation all the time. I wish it would all disappear. Or better yet go back when I first did it and not masturbate.
Khan 2 years ago
Who is the girl and the skinny arab dude towards the end. That was
Yoo 1 year ago
The best in 97:07
2 years ago
This is stupid.
John 1 year ago
Anyone knows who the first couple are?
2 years ago
Oh plz do this too me.
1 year ago
These men can't have balls Anymore. I'm pretty sure I heard a few crack
2 months ago
That’s what our balls are for!
9 months ago
Why would you want you balls punched? Retards
1 year ago
who is at 59:30?